Where can God use your talents?



Parkersburg EMC worship service is a traditional service with a blend of hymns as well as newer worship songs. We have a choir that offers their music ministry to our service as well as many people that share their talent through music for the Lord.



Parkersburg EMC Youth meets on Sunday evenings at 6 pm for their own worship service and have Bible study on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm. Our youth group continues to grow both in numbers and in the Lord. They share their talents and their love for the Lord with our church congregation during worship.



Parkersburg EMC children ministry is a growing ministry. We have a Sunday children’s church that takes place during our Sunday Morning worship after the choir is dismissed.




Parkersburg EMM group, which is Men’s group, meet once a month. They meet the last Saturday of each month at 8 AM for breakfast, devotion and fellowship with one another. They has use that day as a work day around the church for upkeep and new projects.


Parkersburg EMW group, which is our Woman’s group, meet once a month. They meet the 4th Thursday of each month at 7 PM. They meet together to encourage one another and fellowship, as well as, have a small devotion to grow in the Lord. They also use this time to work  on any fundraiser projects they may be having at the time.



Parkersburg EMC has many outreaches to the community. The 1st Tuesday of each month at 7 PM, they visit Sunbridge Nursing Home and the 4th Tuesday at 7 PM,  they visit Eagle Point Nursing Home. We also participate in a monthly prayer rally where many area churches get together and pray for our community, the Mid-Ohio Valley.